What is Digital Information Design?

Digital Information Design is an innovative industry that focused on digital-based communication. As more and more customer moves into the digital platform, many companies began to expand their business to the digital world. But soon those companies realized that they lack the professional personnel to complete this very task, or not enough budget to summon a team of professionals. This very situation cause the birth of a new innovative industry; Digital Information Design, a multidisciplinary approach to digital-based communication.

Unlike many other professions, Digital Information Design is a crossdisciplinary profession that is to cater the need for companies that decided to take their business to the digital world. Digital Information Designer understand how to harness the power of the internet and other digital forms of communication to effectively provide online service to company’s current and potential customers.

Because of Digital Information Design is crossdisciplinary, it requires the skill and knowledge in many different fields and uses them is a very different logic. For example, the purpose of web design is to create an eye-catching website. But in the perspective of Digital Information Design, the marketing flow and the website loading speed is just as important as the graphic. In certain context, they will even sacrifice the quality of the website to enhance the speed and marketing aspect.

Unfortunately, there is just not enough of information and resources available online for Digital Information Design as it is still quite new. Therefore, Informaster wants to help the industry to create a collection of useful resources for Digital Information Designer or those who is interested in this area.


If you can interest in Digital Information Design and would like to learn more about it, please visits:

Bachelor of Science in Digital Information Design at Winthrop University

Master of Digital Information Management at University of Technology Sydney