The Importance of Visual Communication

Communication is the process of transferring ideas and information from one person to another. As a designer, it is one of the most important aspects due to the nature of our work; idea generation and communication. Communication is especially more important to graphic designers; whom portrayed by the DIA as the master of communicating through symbols, pictures, and colors.

“A picture is worth a thousand word.” When an image is used well, it often can communicate much better than words. Utilizing the power of visual communication can help you deliver information more directly and flexible than verbal communication.

People only tend to remember about 10 percent of what they hear and as much as 20 percent of what they read. However, when it comes to visual information, they can recall up to 80% of what they see.

Due to the lack of credibility in the information that is available on the internet, the majority of the people want “proof.” Having a picture in your message increate the credibility of your message as people tend to “believe what they saw.”

Here is a good picture that I found on the internet about “visual communication” that uses an infographic to represent the research.


visual communication